The company offers equipment for transportation and laying of concrete and lime solutions, crane services, drilling and transportation services 


Our wide selection of products, tones of colors and surfaces are designed to inspire your creative thinking. So, regardless of your artistic vision, you will have everything you need to create a masterpiece. 


ECOMIX LTD has more than 20 years of history in the production of lime and concrete solutions. The company started it`s buissnes in the distant 1996 г., when only with one dump truck and tireless working led to the creation of a concrete plant in the village of Zhitnitsa. Not long after, the company became a regional leader in the construction field, building a concrete plant in Hissarya in 2010. In recent years the company has established itself as one of the leading producers of:

  • concrete and lime solutions
  • vibropressed concrete products

in the surrounding Municipalities and proved to be a reliable partner in working with investors, construction companies and all the other customers.

The company's business includes production, transportation and laying concrete solutions with its own concrete truck mixers. In order to carry out its activity, the company has three fully equipped concrete batching plants and 26 specialized machines. With a view to optimizing the costs by reducing the transport distance and for fast and quality customer service, the production plants are designed to cover the territory of the municipalities: Kaloyanovo, Hisarya, Karlovo, or precisely said:

  • Lime-concrete plant in Zhitnitsa
  • Concrete plant in Hisarya
  • Concrete plant soon opening in Karlovo

All production facilities are fully automated with Stetter RA6 recycling systems according to international requirements and standards for concrete production. Their advanced equipment guarantees high-quality production throughout the year. The total capacity of the two concrete plants is 110 m³ / hour. In ECOMIX LTD we have available our own specialized equipment for transportation and concrete laying, or precisely said:

  • 7 pieces concrete mixers - 60m³
  • 1 piece concrete mixer with conveyor - 12m³
  • 1 piece concrete pump - 36m
  • 3 pieces concrete pump with mixer
    • 1 piece mixer pump 20 m long - 7m³
    • 2 pieces mixer pump 30 m long - 18m³
  • dump trucks and other equipment

For maintenance of the vehicle stock (vehicles, machines and equipment) a workshop has been built, which has its own tools. The formulations for concrete production have been approved by "CTEC". In terms of achieving a great quality of the concrete, we are using additives such as super-plasticizers, winter concreting additives and others. All the materials for the concrete production are supplied by leading companies and they are accompanied by quality certificates. The quality of the products is guaranteed by:

  • Quality management system
  • System for production control of the produced concrete and solutions


All concrete classifications arecertified  in  accordance  with   a Regulation (ЕС) 305/2011, БДС ЕN206:2014+А1:2016/NA

The company has it`s own equipped testing laboratory,
which provides high control over the production and testing of the concrete.


In addition to the full range of concrete and lime solutions, ECOMIX Ltd. also produces high quality vibropressed concrete products.

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